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No Payal Account - how to get money?

As like me; many of fiverr sellers do not have Payal account as well as some countries doesn’t allow Payal transaction. Here, I want to clear how we can get money from fiverr?

Thank you

They have a different withdrawal method. It’s Payoneer. You can read about it here:

The problem, I don’t think you’re eligible for that until you are a Level 2. If that’s the case you could save the money in your Fiverr account until then or just spend the money on Fiverr. I do wish there were additional options besides Paypal for those under Level 2.

My advice? spend it instead of trying to withdraw it. The payoneer method has lots of hidden charges and ends up being a big loss in the end.

Reply to @aweberr: I don’t think so. I am in Pakistan and PayPal isn’t supported here. I use payoneer and use its US VBA account with PayPal which able me to deposit PayPal balance in payoneer card. There is 3$ monthly fee and 2$ on atm. But I think its negligible infront of hundreds of dollars I earn on internet. There is no other mean to withdraw atleast for me. I don’t think I have lost anything with payoneer. If you don’t have any other mean then you should go for payoneer

@khalil5172 you can apply for payoneer even if you aren’t on level 2. If you need any help you can pm me. I’ll assist you for free. I’ll show you how to use PayPal with payoneer so you can get cash in your hands

fiverr payoneer card:)

Reply to @sheikhsabayyal: main b pak s payoneer s hi krta hun:P paypal s Us bank m wahan s mastercard

Reply to @arnevb: You can make a without proxy. But how will you withdrato your bank account which would not be actually supported

Yes I would steer away from Payoneer, its not the best system and the charges are unreal, if you cant get PayPal this maybe your only option, or as my friend @aweberr mentions spend it on Fiverr on the stuff you love !

Payoneer :-bd

Reply to @ozzieuk: Isn’t it better to pay some fee to Payoneer to have money in your hands rather spending?

For US .90$ ATM fee for US and 2.15$ for some countries and about 1$ load fee. I withdraw about $150-$200 every month . Isn’t 3-4$ negligible infront of $150? Just saying becausw I Use Payoneer and have paypal payoneer based as paypal isn’t supported in my country as I stated above

The Fiverr Revenue Card, powered by Payoneer, is an excellent payment option for anyone looking to have quick and easy access to their funds.

Payoneer does not have any hidden fees - all charges are clearly listed during the card application. They are then available at all times via your online My Account page.

This payment option is very cost effective, and will allow you to receive your payments in minutes, and can then be immediately used online, in stores, and at ATMs worldwide.

I’d be more than happy to answer any questions about Payoneer.

Reply to @nissim_payoneer: I think you are here to get all the non-paypal members, but I tried it and it costed me a lot.

Reply to @hotwebideas: I’d love to hear your detailed feedback regarding your experience with Payoneer. You can also reach me directly at

Maybe I’m wrong, but PayPal sends checks for $1.50 right?

Also look into other US prepaid account options. I know that there are a few that can be linked easily with PayPal.

Now I’m experiencing with another problem i.e For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly. What to do pls.

I was about one year ago create a payoneer account via fiverr. one year gone I did not get payoneer master card.Few days ago, I was in contact with payoneer support. They said that my account has been blocked.I have a lot of request them for active my account. But They said that , They can not do anything because my payoneer account is temporary blocked.
Then I request disconnect the actual request to enable the option to apply again. Because I have another payoneer master card and add this card in my fiverr account. But They are said that, “Your account has been closed for undisclosed reasons. We will not be able to provide you with our services at this point.Please contact Fiverr to find a different payment method for receiving your payouts”.

Then I contact Fiverr support and They are suggest me Use “Paypal”. But in Bangladesh there are no way without master card. paypal not support in Bangladesh. so now I face lot of problem when I withdrawal my dollar.

So Now I’m a humble request to Fiverr forum and specially “nissim_payoneer” ,Please help me now what can I do ?

Level two seller in Fiverr.

I am also using payoneer and there is less charges if you are earning in hundred

Reply to @retweet_twitt3r:
OK dear, according your suggestion I will apply for piynner first, then back to you for further help.

Reply to @hotwebideas: Thanks for a clear guideline