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No payment from Buyer

I completed a project and sent to the buyer before sending her the offer of payment.

1 month has passed and I have not received payment from buyer as she promises every week to pay. Can I report her in Fiverr? Is there a consequence for such actions of no payment or delayed payment?

Didn’t you start the order before delivering the project?

Imagine someone is interested in having you knit them a blanket. You don’t set up an invoice and haven’t got paid for the blanket but you go ahead and make it anyway. After you complete the blanket you still haven’t set up an invoice and haven’t got paid yet but you decide to mail them the blanket anyway. Now you are sitting by your mailbox waiting for a check that very well may never come because you didn’t get the money up front before you started working on the blanket.

Have you ever ordered clothes online before? Did the company you order from say you could pay them after you receive the clothes or did they want their money in advance?


Steps for Custom Offers:

  • Get to know the work to be done and also let your buyer know your requirements and limits of the order.
  • Negotiate with your buyer price and delivery time and STICK to what you both agreed on.
  • Send your buyer a custom offer.
  • Wait until your buyer accepts the offer and places the order.
  • Start the job.
  • Deliver on time or ahead of deadline.
  • NEVER EVER deliver late or make an empty delivey.

You Should place an order before the start of project. And ask your client to accept the offer then I will start working on it.
You said, you have completed the order and deliver it to your client without any order. This is not a professional way Bro.

As the other users said, the buyer has to accept the custom offer before you start working on the project, now It’s really possible that you never receive the payment you agreed with the buyer.

Hi, could you please answer this question? :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m kind of new to the selling on Fiverr. Just had my first gig. Delivered it hours ahead of time. But Fiver says and I quote that the ‘order will be marked as complete on the 3rd day’. The project was bounded by 2 days.
I’m kind of confused here. Does this happen to all sellers?
And I haven’t heard a thing from the buyer yet either.

That means that if the buyer doesnt mark the order as completed, the system will automatically do it in 3 days. This happens to all of us.

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Ahh, okay then. I guess I was concerned over nothing.
Thank you for the help!

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:+1: Thanks for your reply to @mehrfatima2530 :wink: and just to add:

Fiverr is slowly leaving aside the automatic 3-day marking system, so some sellers now have to mark the orders as complete by themselves.

This new way of marking orders is not yet available to me, and according to your question, neither for you, but eventually it will, so keep it in mind for when you get it.

Regarding not hearing from your buyer, some of them will disappear after receiving their order never hearing again from them until they place a new one. It can also be possible you’ll hear from your buyer asking for revision during the marking period or once the order is completed.

No problem! Just remember that it will be marked as complete 3 days after you delivered the work.


You are suppose to send offer and make sure she accept. Then deliver, you may try to report her to CS but this is your fault.

So I guess a little waiting is going to be in order rn. :grinning: Okay, I understand. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’re most welcome :blush:


I completed two orders yesterday.
One client after recieving the order said that he ordered from my gig by mistake even though it was a day after he placed an order through gig.

The other one placed an order and when I asked details he said prioritize the requirements. After I delivered his order, he said that I did not write the script well. But he is going to use my work. As he can’t wait for a revision. I said that I will change it if you want real quick and he said no i want to cancel it.

Can someone please help as if it looks like a fraud. These are not real excuses. :frowning:

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