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No Pending Revenue For Completed Order on September?

Is it a bug ? I have not seen pending clearance of revenue, although I have completed order. The date stops on Aug 31.

Can anyone know what happening is ?

I am showing the same problem here on my site as well. It does show in my account the revenue that I will be getting but I have four orders that do not show up in the pending column with any dates showing when they will clear.

There have been more of these posts lately. It seems to be a problem which came with the latest updates and a lot of people have been affected. I just hope no one loses already earned money :confused:

I’m getting this problem as well. Can someone from the Fiverr Support team give an update on this?

me too, 2 of my order just show tips and not show the order revenue, contact customer support but not reply yet… this is huge bug, not only one

Just an update. There is now a message on our revenues regarding this issue. So they are aware of it the issue now and are working on it.

As has been said, this is a known issue. There is another active thread on it here:

Reply to @kdarrell: I thought I was the only one. Check the exact order page, resolution center (of course don’t cancel it) you’ll see something like:

“This order appears to be completed. Are you sure there’s a problem? Revenues for this order will be cleared for withdrawal on 09/03/15. Do you want to refund the buyer for this order? If yes, offer to mutually cancel.”

Reply to @starrymighty:

Well it doesn’t look like we’re alone in this. Hopefully someone from support will see this thread and report back to us all.