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No place for anyone from a developed country

So fiverr is a digital labor market place bridging the huge pay gap between countries. No one from a developed country would be willing to compete with prices offered here. $50 for a full 3D architectural render? How do they even pay for the software and stock model license with that?


Are you sure that they’re paying for that?


Why would you want to compete with the prices?

If you offer something that is worth 500$, that’s how much you should charge it here as well.

From what I have seen, if you pay for cheap, you get cheap. Copyright problems, quality problems and so on.

People that buy cheap things are going to deal with the problems that come with it. :slightly_smiling_face:

That was my 1st thought as well.


If you offer services that worth more than 50$, then you can ask for more than 50$.
Maybe do a few low-price orders to get some reviews and ratings, then update your prices. Just be sure to use the best gig images/videos/description so clients will know about the quality of your work.


Coca Cola sold 25 bottle in their first year ! for a short period of time people love to invest their money and time too.
Very old business strategy, you know.


Hello, no one is forced to work here or to set low prices. For some this is the only place they can get a start in doing what they want to do, so setting very low prices to begin with is a way to break into a new field. The software might need to be paid for over the course of several orders. Or this might not be the right venue for what you offer.

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I Face The Same Issue Being INDO-AMERICAN I Live In US/India But Wages They Give Or They Bid Is Peanuts And Yea They Don’t Buy Softwares Mostly Cracked!!

@ankrulzz Is there any reason they would pay more than peanuts for what you are selling? Have you established a great reputation for yourself here? Are you well known as being great at what you do?

Being Indo-American has nothing to do with what people pay. They need to see the value and worth of your service.


BTW only the first word of a sentence should be capitalized, not every word.


I was talking about something else. i earn like 300-400$ in India but in america by putting same efforts i pull out 4-5k$ easily, i just want to say people are lower their skill value for the sake of orders that’s what i meant thanks anyways mam