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No place for experience Seller?

After spent 4 years, finally I assumed that Fiverr is worst platform for seniors or level 2 sellers or who want to get more rather than 5$. Share your views…


Then why wouldn’t you increase your prices? There are a lot of gigs with way higher prices.


I haven’t sold a single thing for just $5 in ages.

I’m doing well.

Maybe you need to flip how you are currently seeing things.


What’s the point of this post? Are you bound to sell at $5 with some kind of Terms of Services or something? :thinking:


I’ve been getting much more than only $5 for a few years now.


There are a lot of sellers which are getting much then $5, even i have mentioned $5 but i am getting much more than that…


If your service is worth more than $5 and if the market isn’t oversaturated with desperate sellers offering the same quality for $5, yes, you can get more than that. Many, many sellers are charging more than $5, and turn down buyers who ask them to lower their prices.


I get people asking for discounts when there are hundreds of other sellers who do what I do for much less than I charge. What’s up with that? I don’t know why they do this. :roll_eyes:

It’s like going to an expensive restaurant on a street with dozens of inexpensive ones and telling the waiter you want the most expensive items on the menu but you want a discount on the price.

I might give a tiny discount to a regular client who doesn’t ask for one but never to someone I’ve never worked with who is sending out requests for them.


Hello Maria,
Because when I am going to increase the prices orders being stopped.

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Almost 6 months and not getting orders…

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working as a professional developer and my gigs are related to development. Almost 6 months and not getting orders, I have 300 reviews. I increased the prices and order being stopped.

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Exactly, New sellers are doing in same prices to increase gig worth. And experience sellers are going down and down day by day.


That is totally not true.

If you already tried to increase your prices and that didn’t work then that means that people don’t see value in your gigs and you will have to work on rebranding and changing your gigs look, style etc to a point where people will be ready to pay for it higher price.

I went from 5$ to 250$ and people are still buying the same if not more. Because they know that they still get value for money.


Should I change content? or anything else?

If you raised your prices and orders stopped and you’ve not gotten one for six months maybe put your prices down?


You need to do whatever it takes to convince buyers that your service is worth more than $5.

What makes you better than the seller who offers it for $5? Why would someone choose you over $5 sellers?

Thanks for your great information.