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No posting feedback, bad customer service

I didn’t like a job, then I requested cancellation, only provided 24hrs to do it which I had an emergency and couldn’t do it, but I did sent a message to the seller for cancellation. Then I provided a bad feedback where it was not posted, so Fiverr is actually silencing the customers, promoting the NOT freedom of speech.

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When an order is cancelled, no public feedback is left for the seller. However, this does affect the seller’s cancellation rate, which is just as critical as their public rating. Their private ratings are indeed important, but are not displayed publicly. Your review has been counted, don’t worry!

Edit: Thanks to cyaxrex for a better explanation of how public ratings can work. Check it out further below!

Also, freedom of speech applies only to government-compelled speech. That is to say, you can’t be prosecuted for saying something the government doesn’t like. Fiverr is a private corporation and is allowed to tell you where you can and can’t post things on their own platform. :man_shrugging:

I requested the cancellation, was not canceled at all, and the feedback was filtered, not posted. That’s actual manipulation, or false advertising

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Fiverr TOS states that buyers can not cancel an order because they aren’t happy with a delivery. If you ordered a logo and didn’t like it, you don’t have an automatic right to get your money back. If you did, no one would ever pay for anything. Insread, you can leave a review outlining your dissatisfaction.

When you leave a review, this does not appear instantly on a sellers profile. They are given 10-days to leave their own review of you as a buyer. If a seller does not do this, your review of them will appear 10-days after you left it. In your case, it sounds like your seller has decided not to rate their experience. Because of this, you will only see your review in 10-days time.