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No preview button

Hello there :slight_smile:

Not sure if it’s a problem but I’ll write it anyway
I’ve bought a video from one seller and now I’m trying to complete the order (rate and comment it)
Also, I’m looking for the preview button to leave it turned ON (I’m a seller too and I know how much it means to people, especially beginners), but that option is missing
I know it should be next to the comment box but it’s not there

Did anyone have that problem? …or is that option removed? I hope I didn’t miss something :smiley:

I think that it is an option for the seller to decide if he wants to allow his work to be shown next to the reviews.

thank you for a quick response but I’m not sure about that, because seller asked me too to leave it turned on

Since you sell videos and have a lot of samples showing of videos you made for people perhaps you would be in the best position to know how you did it on your own gigs?

well, I wouldn’t ask if I had that problem earlier.
thanks anyway :slight_smile: