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No "Preview" on order page?


Just got a message that my first gig was completed for me. I am the buyer and for some reason, there is no “download” or “preview” button for me to listen the a preview of the music gig. There is only “Request Revision” and “Accept & Review” for it. Are music or audio gigs a special case on this, or do I not get to preview it before accepting?


@olsendinozoo Hi! Not sure why this is happening to you. Try pulling it up in another browser? In most cases there should be a download button below the file. Let us know if that helps!


Ok, so I tried the mobile site on my table, the app, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. All the same…


Contact CS, just make sure to not accept or reject before you actually listen to the delivery file. Try to clear your cache. Or tell your buyer to give the file on the google drive oe something like that.


I made the seller aware of the situation and have put in something for CS. Just internet use for me is limited right now, but you are right on not having my accept or reject the work before listening to it.


It might be because of your internet then. It has happened to me before where my internet was slow so it would not show any download buttons on any websites.


Chances are the buyer missed out uploading the file or maybe delivered a bogus order if you cant see an attachment.


Looks like there was an error on the initial notification. He tried again and it has the preview, so looks like it got resolved fine. Thanks for everyone’s input.