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No protection for seller from cheater buyers?


I’m on Fiverr since 2014 and I’m a Level 2 Seller. I’ve always worked well with this site and even if I had some problems, I’ve delivered more than 450 orders and my rate is 4.9. That missing 0.1 is the reason why I’m writing.
I had 3 horrible situations with buyers in these years and I can’t say I got any help from Fiverr.

The first time, a woman who wrote a little ebook wanted me to create a cover and a layout. Everything fantastic and a fantastic review, 5 stars.
After more than a month the buyer asked me another cover and layout to publish the same book in hardcover, and there started the disgrace. She wanted impossible things and asked me to change the job more than 10 times (13 if I’m not wrong!). A month after closing the order, she said the printer didn’t print well the book (I had warned her that the changes she wanted were absurd!) so she gave me a 1 star review. And to top it all, she started writing me 6-7 times a day asking me to do all the job again for free, and insulting me. I had to block her, but the Customer Service (always updated about the situation) didn’t say anything.

The second time was even worse, a real mock! A woman asked me to buy her book and to review it. I bought the book (very expensive) and posted the review, sending her the screenshots. I don’t know why, but Amazon didn’t publish immediately the review. Anyway, I closed the order. The day after, she rejected the order saying I didn’t post the review. I explained her that Amazon could publish reviews after a while, she just had to wait, but she wanted her money back.
I asked to the CS to intervene, but they stated that she was right, so I lost the book and the job money. After 10 days, finally, Amazon published the review, but it was too late. I sent it to the CS to let they know they didn’t trust me, and so I had worked for free, and I had to buy an expensive book I wasn’t interested in. They answered me they have to safeguard both buyers and sellers. What a pity that for the second time they chose the buyer!

The third time was yesterday. I received an extra fast request for a short translation, really simple. The buyer accepted to pay more to receive it within one hour. I delivered my job and closed the order. After 5 hours, tonight, he rejected the order saying, I quote: ‘You are a fake Italian, you translated with Google Translator. There are a lot of bad mistakes and the translated text doesn’t make sense in Italian’!
Well, as I’m a journalist, a teacher, and a professional translator, since 16 years, this is a ridiculous and insulting excuse! He rejected the job without asking any change just writing he had to pay another translator.

I answered that I couldn’t accept that excuse and that, anyway, he had to show me the other translator’s notes about my job. I explained he could have contacted me if there had been something wrong with the translation, as I had been online all time, but he refused to send me the notes, stating ‘maybe tomorrow’. Of course, the order will expire in few hours!
I contacted the CS and explained everything, asking for an internal evaluation of my job, as I’m sure this is a buyer’s excuse not to pay. They always answer they can’t do anything, that I should try to persuade him to accept the order, and things like this, totally useless. As I understood how this order will end, I expect a bad review from the buyer and I asked them not to consider it, at least to have respect of my job.

After this, I claimed there is no guarantee or protection for sellers from this kind of buyers, clearly cheaters.

On other platforms dedicated to translators (as ProZ for instance) there is a sort of safeguard from these kind of people.
Usually, when a buyer asks an extra fast translation and doesn’t mind the price, he will probably find some excuse not to pay. That’s one of the first warnings ProZ experts give to translators.
I know we must trust the buyers in Fiverr, and I’m doing it, but does Fiverr trust me as a seller as well?
When, on ProZ, something like this happened to me, 5 years ago, they sent a warning to the buyer, too, and then they banned him from their lists.
Here, there is nothing like this.

I think we (sellers) should ask a greater safeguard for us, even because all conversations/files are available to be checked and there must be someone who can check the job value, otherwise everyone could order a job, get it, and be sure he could find any ridiculous excuse not to pay it!


Hello, sorry you have had these problems!

This is a platform where buyers and sellers meet and arrange services. We are not going to get much help with situations like you have described since we are self employed. There are two sides to every story. The buyers you had might have felt they were not given good service.

I’m not saying they were right, just that it is almost impossible to say who is right in most of these situations.

In the first situation you describe, you were in violation of Amazon’s terms of service by being paid to write a review. You are lucky fiverr didn’t ban your account as they are doing for others who do this.


Dear misscrystal,
your answer just confirms what I was saying.
Your answers are usually like this one, but at the end, at least in my cases, you didn’t help me at all.

Please note I’d like to discuss about major protection for sellers, not to be warned about past jobs, that in your opinion were wrong, just because I wrote about it.

I think it’s better to find a way to solve things, talking about them, not to ignore problems or warn people who’s trying to highlight a serious seller issue.

Anyway, thank you for your consideration.


I must add that the CS has just showed more willingness, writing: ‘Your comments have been noted with our Product Developers. We appreciate the input’.
I hope this could be a good start to enhance the seller safeguard of Fiverr, too.


Fiverr does not allow gigs where you are paid to write a review for Amazon.

What are they forwarding to product developers? The fact that you had problems with buyers? Sorry, I don’t understand.

You only have 3 bad reviews and a lot of very good ones. The last bad one was two months ago. This is not the profile of someone who routinely is abused and taken advantage of by buyers.


Be aware carefull and all the best for the future…


Just want to add that most of the time, forum regulars “warn” people because many come here and aren’t even aware they violate/d one or some of Fiverr’s TOS, and volunteer their time to “warn” in the often vain hope of helping someone and so that the next thing they read from them won’t be “I was banned without a reason”.
Such warnings can save people from losing their account and sometimes their livelihood with it.


I read the whole post and what I want to say you that there is such buyers who aren’t really interested to pay for their job. Yes, they want their job to be done FREELY! I do agree with you that Fiverr authority should take some steps to stop the activities of such kind of BUYERS. The wearer best knows where the shoe pinches. I have also experienced the same situation once.

By the way, Good luck for the next time.
Minthal Ahmed Masum


CS quote is about my suggestion to create a sort of safeguard for sellers on the model of the ProZ one.

About my work on Fiverr, you’re right, I wrote I’ve always worked well here and results demonstrate this, I clearly wrote that my post is about the 3 negative reviews and what got next. I’ve never said I was abused by someone.

I really don’t understand why I wrote one thing aiming to start a discussion on a topic I find important, and instead you are pointing on other things.
Should I have been abused to rise a discussion on an issue?
I still have to read an opinion: pro or con.
Maybe this topic is interesting only for me. :frowning:


Thank you! At least someone who understood what I was talking about!


You will find there are sometimes people with their own opinions who want to state them on the forum. It’s the chance you take when you start a topic.

Aren’t you grateful that someone pointed out that you violated terms of service of Amazon and are lucky you didn’t get banned by fiverr for it?
If I didn’t say it someone else would have.

It’s up to each person what they say on the forum.


Thank you for this, I appreciate the help, but I’d like to focus on the discussion topic.
I didn’t want that in this way discussion will start to be about something else.


For the situations you mentioned, someone would have to painstakingly go through the whole translation you did who understands both languages well to decide who was right, you or the buyer. Are you saying you want this service on fiverr?

The same with the book formatting where the buyer didn’t like it. Do you want a fiverr staff member to go through the work you did and make an informed decision on who is right and who is wrong?

Do you think this will happen, that fiverr will begin to do this in all cases like this? With so many sellers, this probably won’t happen.


I am not sure why you are this aggresive. The problem is simple, yet, instead of suggesting a solution, you are attacking the user for some reason. Here is the problem:

As a seller, even if you complete the order perfectly, the buyer can still cancel it. In this case, you are not getting paid, you work for free, and there is nothing Fiverr customer support can do.

The next question should be, what is the purpose of Fiverr then? If this is just a platform which only allows buyers and sellers to communicate, why are we giving 20% of our income to them?

It is normal to expect a solution to this problem. We should talk about the solution, not accuse each other. Here is a simple idea: If a buyer cancels at least 70% of his orders, ban him/her from Fiverr.

The thing is, I am not sure anymore if its worth it. Maybe it is time to find a new platform which can protect its sellers too, not only buyers.


Then I wish you good luck.

The fact is that some buyers genuinely feel they did not like what they got and there is not anything anyone can do to change that.

Fiverr already does this.


All right.

To the quote from CS to your suggestion, that’s exactly, word for word, what we all hear when we contact them about a bug or with a suggestion, so don’t get up your hopes too much and keep using proZ and wherever that’s better organised in your opinion too, but I think it’s a good thing to fight for what one thinks is right.
I’ve tried with a few things myself, posted in the site suggestions on the forum as well as wrote to CS, and not just once, and received the same reply and nothing changed, but yeah, I keep hoping, just not too much. :wink:

Regarding another of your points in your post, I agree that it would be great to have a system where Fiverr would have enough qualified staff to control all deliveries whenever arguments about such things as translation or other ‘factual gigs’ happen.
I’m a translator myself, so I understand well what you’re talking about and I know a few platforms that have such systems, only, as you brought up proZ, those cater for certain lines of work only, and are smaller, that’s a bit different.
I’m on Fiverr because for me, the advantages/my liking of Fiverr outweigh the advantages of those platforms, but YMMV, of course.

Keep it up, though. If we don’t play, we can’t win. :four_leaf_clover:


I have seen this kind of behaviour many times before, and it never ends well. Some day, too many users may decide to try their luck elsewhere. Basically, you are saying “here is the door, don’t let it hit you”.

Great! I didn’t know this. Can we try to find new suggestions then, instead of showing ourselves the door?

edit: What is the real rate then, anybody knows? I am curious. How many orders need to get cancelled before you are banned?



The thing is, I am not sure anymore if its worth it. Maybe it is time to find a new platform which can protect its sellers too, not only buyers.

I am sure fiverr has enough users to lose a few without filing for bankruptcy. When someone says they are leaving because they are so unhappy with fiverr then are we supposed to beg them to stay or what?


The cases are different, misscrystal. In the translation case, as the buyer stated my job was totally inadeguate and that I’m not Italian, too, well, I think this is really serious and I think that someone should be able to manage this kind of accuses. If you build a platform and you are paid to provide a service, you must be prepared to this kind of situations, too, otherwise in short you’ll be full of cheaters (Tripadvisor is an example) and your neme will be spoiled.

The second case is different. There, the buyer became a stalker and posted a bad review. In the discussion, Fiverr could read all my warnings about the changes she wanted, and she copied me even a message where another seller refused to change again the job as her requests were absurd. But, you know, even in that case it was my fault. They knew I’d done my job, and that the problem was the buyer, but they didn’t cancel the bad review, and at the end I had to block her.

So, I don’t say they should have a professional for every kind of gig, but at least a team to solve general issues, like this, and not always in favour of the buyer.


I’ve had two bad reviews too from seriously unfair lying buyers and there was nothing to be done about it but I moved on. If you have enough good reviews it won’t hurt your sales or affect your reputation at all.

This happens sometimes and it’s not reasonable to expect, with the millions of transactions on this site, to expect a staff member to devote what might be an hour of time or even more to each individual dispute. It’s simply not possible on a site this big with this many transactions.

Usually it’s a matter of personal opinion also if what they got was what was reasonable or not. Two different people could have two completely different opinions.