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No protection for seller from cheater buyers?


I delivered my job and closed the order. After 5 hours, tonight, he rejected the order saying, I quote: ‘You are a fake Italian, you translated with Google Translator. There are a lot of bad mistakes and the translated text doesn’t make sense in Italian’!
Well, as I’m a journalist, a teacher, and a professional translator, since 16 years, this is a ridiculous and insulting excuse! He rejected the job without asking any change just writing he had to pay another translator.

If you wanted you could have rejected the cancellation, showing the part of the Fiverr Terms of Service that say :

Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.

Though doing so could have meant a bad review and affected stats (though cancelations would also affect stats).

There is also the option of showing him/Fiverr support the text as it would have been translated by Google Translate to show/prove that yours was different.


That is a great answer. You can always communicate in a way to show your professionalism and reject a cancellation. It might result in a bad review but still good communication goes a long way.


Yes, uk1000, I rejected the cancellation, but Fiverr CS warned me not to force closing orders without attachements, even if I didn’t know what to send. Now, they’re examining the buyer’s behaviour and they said that if he won’t provide a valid reason to cancel the order, they won’t accept the cancellation. Now, the question is: what is a valid reason?

You’re absolutely right about bad reviews written for ‘revenge’, That’s the reason why I asked Fiverr not to allow a bad review from him.

Your suggestion of a comparison between my translation and a GT one is good. I’ll try if they agree to examine it.


I would say, by default, actual mistakes/bad work are a valid reason, something like taste is not; it´s written somewhere too - it would be much too easy to abuse sellers who do gigs like drawings etc. else.

Of course, depending on the individual case, something subjective like “taste” may have been part of the deal, let´s say someone asks the seller if they think they are able to translate their novel from the POV of a person who is a teenager in the year 2018 and the seller says yes but what the buyer gets then sounds like the POV of a teenager from 1789 :grin: … but I think it gets too specific now. :wink:

If someone can point to several things that don´t make sense and/or have the typical Google Translator mistakes, or the kind of mistake no native speaker would make, that probably constitutes a valid reason.
Unless those things don´t make sense in the source file either, but usually, you´d notice those things as a translator and point them out to and talk about them with the buyer if you can´t easily guess what the text actually is supposed to say versus what it says.

I´ve had people send me files to finish/correct that some “translator” worked on already, or “translators” asking me per inbox to tell them how good on a scale from 1-10 a translation was… I´ve seen quite a few of the “fake” kind of translations you sometimes can see people complaining about in reviews - if they go find a native speaker of the language in question who is at least somewhat educated, it should be easy for them to tell a “fake” translation from a “real” one (even if the real one might have a couple mistakes or typos), so, when you know you did a good job and that person is just trying to get out of paying for it by bluffing, I´d not worry and calmly stand my ground.


3 issues like that out of 450 orders? I wish I had your problems…

First issue - a difficult buyer who didnt know what they were doing. Once someone starts being as unreasonable as that, just send them a “go away” (in nice words) message and after that, then block them.

The second one was your fault. You delivered before the review was published so how could you expect the buyer to be happy? (I presume this was back when review gigs were allowed?). As you said, the review was published 10 days later - that’s when you should have delivered the order, when it was actually done. Amazon delaying its publication is nothing to do with the buyer - you need to manage those things if you rely on a third party.

The third one. This kind of complaint from some buyers is a pretty standard thing. If you are sure the work is good then you need to explain and prove your position to the buyer. Running to CS every time you get an issue like that is a waste of your and their time.
CS are there to look after their buyers and sellers - they are not there to be YOUR customer service rep to your clients - you need to do that yourself. If you cannot deal with such basic customer follow-up issues then perhaps you should consider only working for agencies - the type that can take on all these issues for you and charge you 50-70% for the privilege.

CS can’t tell or decide whether your translation is done well or not - they would need specific staff to cover every single category, language etc. Instead, they state that quality of the deliverable is not a valid reason for cancellation - This empowers you to deal with the client yourself which is what you must do.
Many buyers of translation services do try different methods to test the quality of the translation as they don’t understand the language themselves. Instead of being reactive in your way of dealing with this, why not be proactive instead? When you translate, do you include “translator’s notes” to explain your choice of certain words or phrases? Every text can be translated slightly differently so point out why you chose to say “The tall man sat down” instead of “The tall man took his seat” by adding a comment to the text.

This approach will help to convince a lot of buyers that you actually did the work properly. It won’t help in all situations of course but in those situations just suck it up. As I said in the beginning, 3 issues, one of which was clearly your fault, in 3 years is pretty much the Nirvana of freelancing careers - count yourself lucky!


Hi eoinfinnegan, you’re right. All the things you wrote are the same I usually do. This time it wasn’t possible, as the buyer didn’t show any evidence my job was effectively bad. Actually, he didn’ answer anymore. I asked twice the other translator’s notes and to show these bad mistakes and so on, but the first time the answer was ‘maybe tomorrow’, then nothing else.

I’ve learned in these years on Fiverr how to manage the orders not to have late warnings (the second year I had a lot as I got many health problems), how to explain to people that Google Translator can’t be a way to check if a translation is correct or not and how to avoid strange requests, but I thought that this could be an interesting topic to many sellers and I thought that if other similar websites have found a way to protect their sellers, even an important reality as Fiverr can do it.


Anyway, I didn’t expect that so many sellers had so many bad issues to consider 3 bad reviews nothing to worry about. Maybe, this topic can be really useful. I hope so.


My suggestion would be to use Translator’s Notes from the beginning - when you deliver it first. Just add a quick comment as you are translating and it takes no time at all. Can also be a good reference point for you when doing a longer translation.

I presume you have never worked in retail - there it seems like there are 11 issues for every 10 customers… :slight_smile:

These discussions are always useful, it can clear up a lot of things both for those taking part and those just reading. Many newer sellers struggle with difficult buyers when they get their first one so knowing that they can actually deal with it themselves through careful customer management/service is really very helpful!


Buyers ask translators to not use Google translator but buyers use Google translator to check if the translation is correct! And they think that they can correct native speakers with google translator!
Good luck with those buyers! I have had the same…

Fiverr is not here to protect you, so protect yourself !
Always ask your buyers to explain exactly what is wrong (which word, which sentence…).
You don’t have to prove that you did a good translation. They have to prove that your translation is not correct.


Dear cescamarrucci
Fiverr market place have some cheater clients such as clients have many online market place, right. Please you will check sincerely check buyer response, if you feel the buyer is cheat than you will avoid the buyer.
From my experience, the bad buyer gives two types of offers.
first. The project need first.
Second . They offer more money, money is no problem.
Please avoid those buyer. thanks


I had a situation where buyer complains that the delivered files are virus infected. And he asked for a refund. :grinning: Till this moment I never receive such a complain from any buyer except this one. All he wanted was to get the job done freely. I contacted CS and no help. So I had to gave him a refund. Otherwise I will receive a negative feedback.
There are buyers who know the system well (most probably the old buyers ). They know how important the rating is. As the buyers can see seller reviews, I think it is better if the sellers also can see buyer side. So the seller can get an idea before starting the job.


You have over 2000 reviews and you are afraid of getting a negative review? Why not just say no and if you get a negative feedback it is not a big deal - you are not a new seller!

You are partly responsible for creating this “system” - if you give refunds for no good reason then you encourage this behavior.


Why should I get a negative feedback if there is nothing wrong from my end? And if this type of situation happens 5-6 times, what will happens to my overall rating? And when this happened I completed only around 900 orders.

What am I supposed to do when buyer asked for a refund? I explained everything to buyer and also to the customer support. I even sent the files I delivered to CS to check. What I learned from CS is, that I can not say “No” when a buyer ask for a refund. I always try to deliver the final files after buyer approve the design. In this case also I did the same. So he can not say that the design is not good. Because he already approved it and asked me to deliver it.


You said he said the files were virus infected. Couldn’t you ask him to show you a screenshot from the anti-virus program that is showing that one or more of the delivered files has a virus for proof (or from an online antivirus checker)?


You say no. It is nothing to do with CS when your buyer rejects a delivery. It is up to you to deal with them.

Are you serious??? I would suggest that you don’t say this type of thing publicly. I never allow a refund after delivery. When I work, I get paid for it. If I have done something wrong, I fix it. If the buyer is not happy then I find out why but if they are wrong/unreasonable then I just stick to saying no.


I asked for it. But no reply. He just sent me a cancellation request.


i have always experienced that CS support Buyer,s side as compare to seller,s side .due to this reason i did less contact to CS due to one sided behavior.


If the files are virus free (ie. you checked them) you can deny the cancellation request saying the files have been checked and are virus free (according to this program).


Happy to hear that. But I’m not a person who like to argue. Specially in a system like this. I’m really afraid to do so.


I was afraid to cancel the cancellation request. I also new and done around 900 orders on that time. So the rating is so important to me to receive orders.