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No protection for sellers on Fiverr


I understand that anyone (buyer) logs in to Fiverr and submits a buyer request or buy a gig, get offers from sellers & places an order for a custom offer & submit requirements expects to be done in 3 days. After 3 days of the order he gets delivery of the same work as described to seller, buyer gets the work done/complete and still has the option to cancel the order but suddenly buyer changes the order requirements which were not included or discussed or relates to the order delivery and buyer cancelled the order with connivance of the Fiverr Customer Support, so the buyer gets work done very cheap nearly at no cost. Seller who delivered the work gets nothing for his/her efforts & the time spent but a warning and also downgraded order completion award. Fiverr Customer Support cannot protect/believe the sellers for this type of scam/spam work.

This is exactly what happened with me… & still any one can do this again and again!


Order cancelled ,fund returned to buyer after delivery and work was approved
I won't cancel this order

That’s not good. They have to protect Us


Now that you know, what are you going to do?:roll_eyes:


that’s true from - 2010…they are not going to protect because of buyest…


Fiverr must find solutions for this. Fiverr is earned when Sellers earn.


It’s been going on since the beginning of Fiverr, whether Fiverr will find a solution for it is a whole new debate. Just take it as one of the downsides of selling on Fiverr.


So it means, any seller can be a victim of this anytime…


Yes, any seller can be a victim. The best you can do is make sure you are delivering what you are advertising and leave the rest to CS. They might help at times but it is becoming increasingly rare.


I just say dont over work, deliver what you promise.


Right & yes, I say every seller knows what he/she is selling/advertising…