No PROTECTION for Sellers?


I am pissed off by some buyers who spam and bully to get free services.
Please check the attachments, i am looking for advice and suggestion from experienced sellers.
What am i doing wrong?
What should i do when buyer threaten to give bad review in order to get free stuff?

Complying to Fiver TOS, I can’t even expose that buyer nor my review will show up on buyers’ profile that will add up on his/her profile for other sellers to be warned.
This is 4th case, i encountered on fiverr.
I put the time, efforts ensuring high quality of product and services and a positive customer experience. Some buyer has just a mind set to do wrong.


BTW you forgot to blur the buyers’ name in the bottom image


Thanks. Updated that


Send screenshot to Customer Service


Send screenshot to CS. Tell him you’ve brought the issue to the attention of CS but you hope you can resolve this between you.

Let him leave a bad review if it comes to it. Respond professionally to the review. As a buyer, one 1-star review always looks like spite to me anyway.


I’m sorry you have to deal with this and recommend contacting customer support, as other commenters suggested.
On a side note though, I don’t believe orders that are in the modification stage are considered “late.” As long as your initial delivery was on time, your rating will be fine.


The buyer is breaking the TOS if he’s threatening you with a bad review. Just notify customer service.


They don’t care , see my thread: I’m so sick of doing business here. This isn’t the most popping place to be in 2017.