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No Question Mark

There is no question mark; it just says
“How much does it cost”
and that’s all.
The rest have question marks, so I’d think this needs one, too.
Here’s where I found it:


I have no idea what you are asking or telling us about. Could you better describe you topic or inquiry so that the rest of us can help you? Right now, what you have written makes absolutely no sense.

I don’t really need any help, I just wanted to point out that they left out a question mark in this link:
if you CTRL+F How much does it cost

I guess Fiverr needs to hire a proofreader. :wink:


I would suggest you send that to someone who can fix it. It’s kind of a weird rant. Send it to Support.

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Yes they don’t seem to proofread very much. Miss Vickie would be a good choice to hire for that.


The link @luke13138 has given of

You will see Q&A at the bottom and one the questions is missing a Questiona mark (?)

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I think this post should be listed under ’ Fiverr Site Suggestions’ or ‘Report a Bug’ category.

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Unclear speech, I think you are trying to draw people in

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Sorry, I just changed it.

Issue expressed. Should be sent to Support.