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I have a regular customer who takes my classes and is happy with my service, but she doesn’t rate me at all. Will this affect my chances of getting to a Level 1 Seller? I am down to 75% due to her not rating my services afterward. Any suggestions?

The percent of ratings you get does not count towards leveling up. Only the average of the ratings you do get counts. Currently, a seller must have a 4.7 average score. So you are good! :slightly_smiling_face:


If you Switch to Selling and then click Analytics, your individual requirements can be found if you scroll to the bottom of the page.

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Thank you very much! I am glad it doesn’t count.


Thank you I will have a look!

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Hello, Nita,

I am a teacher too! I offer proofreading services.

I looked at your profile. It says, “First lesson free.” Fiverr does not like sellers to give gigs away for free. Also, I see that offer as opening yourself up for issues.

Hi Vickie, I did confirm with support about the first lesson free, and they told me that as long as I open a proper order with the client with other paid lessons, I could give 1 lesson free.

I don’t offer a one time service, people buy a monthly or a weekly package of say between 4 to 8 lessons in an order. That is the only reason why I am justified in doing it. I won’t give the first lesson free, unless they accept a weekly or monthly order.


The oldest marketing trick in the book :wink:

Yes! It is, but most of my clients are now using me on a regular basis. I did contact support before I updated my profile, about the 1st lesson free, and got their confirmation.

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no, it will not impact on getting level, as per you maintain the policy

Thanks, I am so glad! I don’t know how the levels work, but I completed everything in the analysis section to qualify for a 1st Level position, in the 60 days, except that I hadn’t got as much as $400 (Due date mid June). Will I still qualify once I have hit the $400 mark? It does say $400 all time, not over 60 days.

Yes, once you have earned $400 you will level up on the 15th of the following month.

Thank you! I am so pleased! I have been trying so hard! It will be worth looking forward too!

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Good luck to you! :shamrock:

Thank you! I am so pleased with this platform! I looked at your profile and see you do an excellent job! I need help from professionals like you! Much appreciated!

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Hi, remember that every month midle time fiverr will update, so if already complete all requirement you need to wait untill july 15