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No Rating, No Order!


People say that you have to get your first rating from your known person. You should hire them to give you an order.
Is it true?
Anyone here who got your first order without a rating (fresh gigs) in 2019?
Which type of gig?
Please answer me / us.
Thank you :slight_smile:


You can get order
Buyer request is good option
Send daily 10 impressive buyer request
and share your gig to all socia media sites
Be online on fiverr 7-8 hours
You will surely get order
Thank you
Good luck :slight_smile: :blush:


most of the time my buyer request is empty !


No you can not do that. Asking someone to order your gig just to leave a review is a VIOLATION OF TOS. I would suggest for you to read fiverr terms and conditions before you got yourself into trouble even before you started working on fiverr.


I read.
I amwaiting for my order. Thank you.