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Correct me if this is already addressed in the FAQ, but what happens if a you deliver your product but the buyer doesn’t rate it?

It’s really disheartening, when jobs are few and between, and the ones I do get, it seems like the buyer doesn’t take the time to even just give me a rating, even if no feedback.

If there’s no response from the buyer(i.e. no request for redo, dissatisfaction, or refund) after it’s delivered after a set time, there should be an automatic rating of 5.

Thanks for listening :slight_smile:


Oh Okay. What about the stars then?

I got five stars on one of my gigs( Is that done by Fiverr if I get a thumbs up?


The stars are an indication of the percent of “thumb’s up” vs. “thumb’s down” ratings of all your gigs which have been rated by customers. It appears that two of your gigs have been rated so far, each by one customer. One was positive, so that gig has all stars filled in (100% positive) and one was negative, so that gig has no stars filled in. The stars next to your nickname are therefore 50% filled in, a reflection of the total reviews.

My gigs are physical items which must be mailed, but I send a photo of the completed product the day I mail it, telling my customer the scheduled delivery date. In that email, I remind them about the Fiverr review process. I usually say something like, After you receive your order, please consider coming back here to rate your experience with me. If there’s some reason you won’t be rating me “thumb’s up”, could you let me know why before doing so? If there’s something I can fix, let’s talk about it!

Since giving a rating is optional, I never demand one, but ask nicely. And so far nearly all my customers have left a rating, which I think gives any future customers confidence in me.

For sellers of digital products or services, a similar reminder about leaving a review can be sent when filling your orders or soon after.



Thanks Celtic :slight_smile: