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No "real sample" showing up?


I was getting real samples appear on my portfolio back then, but recent orders have not shown any samples at all. I ask one of my buyers if there is an option that would make the order not show the sample or make it appear in my portfolio.

How could I fix this?

Thank you for the help!


I was aware that the buyer could choose not to have their file displayed in my portfolio, but are you saying they can also change the file to something else?



Thank you for responding.


I have always been submitting png files in my delivery. So I think format of the file is not the problem here, since many of my submission showed up at my portfolio.

Yes they are leaving feed back. My buyer says it only has comment and 5 stars feed back.

If they leave feedback on mobile it automatically shows the preview of the image right?


no sir.


If I couldn’t resolve this, could anyone help me how to contact fiverr support? thanks!