No reason given for request being denied? Any way to find out what needs to be changed?


Here is what I posted as my request. I’ll be happy to make whatever edits Fiverr requests.

Can you create a Parallax Slideshow in After Effects and make it look great? One like the version shown here: https://*********I will provide background images and I will provide a series of .jpg images that show Facebook Comments. I want the Facebook Comments pictures to be laid over the background images, much like the words are laid over the pictures in the sample shown above. If you are interested you must provide me with samples of your own work. Thanks!

Mod Note: URL removed


The issue might have been the URL or the word facebook. I would suggest to try again with a more basic description.


I suggest creating a new buyer request and simplifying your request to:

I’m looking for a designer to create a Parallax Slideshow in After Effects. I will provide you with an example once we start working. I will provide you with all the imagery. Kindly apply!