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No recent orders. Is it just the holiday slump?

I am a very new Fiverr member. I joined in September and received my Level 1 status in October.

Since joining, I have been getting a steady stream of orders, with about 25 orders made in the first 3 months, with consistent customer feedback, and only 1 (mutual) canceled order. My response rate is within 1 hour, I offer a 3 day guaranteed turnaround, have a video on my page, and am frequently online.

Towards mid-December, however, other than 1 recurring client, my orders have mostly stopped. Question for current Fiverr members: is this something normal that happens during the holiday season, or is it time to freshen up my gig page? Any tips or tricks that you can recommend?

Thanks, everyone!

hi, Dont worry that happens to lots op people,keep promoting, Im a top rated but orders Im getting are less than a half of my usual numbers

I’m also facing the same situation :frowning:

i have same situatin in my gig. there are down arrow in my traffic no one see my gig start 4 days ago. any solution?