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No relevant buyer requests?


I’m wondering why, whenever I check buyer requests, there are only a few available and none that relate at all to my gigs? I sell lifestyle, mainly astrology readings, spells, that sort of things. However, my buyer requests are always for things like logos, messenger services, SEO and other stuff completely irrelevant to what I’m doing. I had a previous Fiverr account in the past and my buyer requests were always exactly on target, and there were many of them. Now there might be 4-5 and nothing whatsoever to do with my business. What’s going on? My keywords and tags are correct, nothing that references this stuff my buyer requests is showing. Help?

This may be due to few changes in the fiverr site’s algorithm. But don’t worry you can promote or share your gig on relevant sites and places. Share your gig to target audience and everything with your business will be good then.

This may be danger for your account as two accounts are strictly against fiverr rules.

Best of luck !! :sunglasses:

That’s pretty presumptuous of you to assume I was breaking rules. I had an account years ago which I closed, obviously. Not helpful.

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Just checked your gigs and you need to remove the off Fiverr contact details from your profile description as it ends up asking for email details and that is against the Terms of Service which you will find at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

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This is not the problem. Fiverr updated this feature in previous update.

You need to check those section in whole day. Request who reached limitation of sellers request are removed automatic from request section. So now only request that is available are stays there… So just check multi-pal time in your side.

Whenever you see the request you can just send the offer.

I already contacted this about CS and they helped me out to explain about this new feature.