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No replies from buyers - should I wait?

I am a newbie here. I’ve sent a couple of offers, but I got zero replies. Should I wait a bit longer and be persistent in sending offers? Or am I doing something wrong?

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You could keep sending offers. There’s probably a lot of competition. You could also create more gigs.

For the data analysis gig, maybe a basic package that starts a bit lower for the initial reviews might help, then you could increase the price afterwards. Maybe you could go into a bit more detail in the description for that gig or add an FAQ section.


Some people send hundreds of offers before getting an order.

Check this article: for helpful information.

Don’t rely on Buyer Requests.

Also check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

You will find lots of tips to help you in the above.


yeah, that is good idea :smiley: thank you, saver of my business :sweat_smile::innocent:

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very helpful, thanks :slight_smile: I just kinda hate reading through all of that, but I guess I have to :smiley: because everything is repeating… maybe I could make some basic thesis and share them with all of you gyus :slight_smile:

If you want to be successful that is what you need to do.

Building a business requires effort! :slightly_smiling_face:

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you’re right, I knooow :slight_smile: lazy ass is always a lazy ass :smiley:

My advice: when sending offers, try to offer what most won’t. Like a reduced price, quicker turnaround time.

Check your gig description, ensure the tags are relevant too


at sarabogdanovic

Has it ever occurred to you there might be lots of buyers reading the forum, silently selecting or disqualifying sellers?

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right a perfect offer to the buyer. sent 10 request per day. stay online and you will get replies don’t worry

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actually it did :smiley: that would be so much fun!
hello buyers, check out my gigs! :slight_smile:

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u sure? I will do that for sure :smiley:

I am doing that actually :slight_smile: we’ll see how it goes :slight_smile: thanks a lot :blush:

yeah! you can . but u have to read the request very well and than sent the offer with perfection :slight_smile:

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haahha you are so funny

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Hi sarabogdanovic ! How are you ?

Welcome to Fiverr !

sarabogdanovic, you aren´t doing anything wrong ! You only have to be patience and keep the
good quality work !

The most important thing here on Fiverr is to deliver a good work always. Treating very well all the costumers,! And also promoting your gig !

Warm regards,


I knoow, right? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks a lot, this sounds very encouraging :slight_smile: