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No reply after buyer request

please read carefully and help me, please…
I’ve sent an offer to the various buyers via “Buyer request”.
in every buyer request, i offer to done sample work before placing order for their satisfaction.
two of them replied to me with a sample image, I replied to one after 3 hours and done his work.( this can be my fault…i think so)…
and to others, i replied just after 7 minutes and she was offline but i make complete her sample task…
The problem is this that they both didn’t reply after sample work. I know they are not scam coz I’ve check their profile, they are buyer with more than 10-15 buyer reviews…
Even I ask them that ….Is my work is not satisfactory?
Are you interested
just their first message comes and after that no reply…
kindly help me


Never send free work to anyone, under any pretense. Stop focusing on buyer requests, hundreds of people apply instantly, and it’s a sea of low quality offerings.


Without this I am not seeing any way to get my self to level 1

Having two of the same gig won’t help either.

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well i’ve only one gig yet…
but tomorrow m going to create one more

Then be sure to differentiate it somewhat.

and bundle of thanks

Sir one Question please…
which skill has less competitors?
Video editing or photo editing?

The question is, what are you more skilled at? Both fields are competitive. Video editing should, in theory, be less competitive by the simple fact that to do serious video editing you need a good (therefore expensive) computer, thereby eliminating a lot of people.

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Also maybe don’t offer to remove background on 50 images for $5 with retouching on top. There is no way you can provide good results for that price and most buyers understand this. A price that low just screams unprofessional. It is about 7 cents per image, might be even less (don’t forget there is 20% fee, currency exchange rates, taxes).

I’m assuming at this rate per image you’re using automated software for this, which means result won’t ever be ideal, if an image is more complex than a red cup on clean black background. And it can be seen in your other portfolio samples.


Well, u r absolutely right,
I just wanna give extra to attract (coz m beginner )but u r right that people thinks that cheap prices means cheap work…
Kindly can u please have a look again on my gig…