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No reply from CS and gig updates not reflected on profile page and search result

I personally am having a bit of issues lately, from having at least a few inquiries a day and from 5 to 6 orders a week I suddenly went to 0 orders. There are no reviews, no orders, no inquiries nothing.
The worst is that I did contact Customer Care and there has been no response, even the email you receive of acknowledgement from the CS that they have received your query.
I had edited a price of my gig but that too hasn’t been updated on my profile page or even in the search results.
I had created a new gig with a video in it, the video was under moderation for over 48 hours, then I decided to contact CS but still waiting for any response.

Something similar has happened for my gig since I accidentally clicked pause and it went into queue for review. For two years I receive several messages per day and it is now 7 days since I received a single message/new order (Luckily I have a few repeat buyers).

Anyway, I was losing sleep over this earlier in the week and posted a bit of a childish rant about it two days ago but the experience has now encouraged me to start taking this time to review my strategy and Gigs. ie. There is nothing you can do but keep working hard - I’m sure this is something to do with the new patch and things will be ironed out soon enough.

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Let’s hope so.

I also got a video gig paused as now video editing gigs must have videos, so now will start working on that.