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No reply to buyers message can increase my Avg. response time?

A client message me and ask question for quick support. But I don’t have any knowledge about that problem. That’s why I don’t reply to his message. Will it increase my average response time?


Even if someone messages you about something you are not able to do or advise them about - you SHOULD always reply within the 24 hour period. Otherwise, your response rate will go DOWN which can affect your ability to move to the next level.

Just answer the message with a, “Sorry, I am unable to help you with your issue.”



Thank you Mam. :heart:

Go answer that message if you have not.
Also, your average response time would NOT increase if you neglected to answer this person’s message.
It may also not go up by much either, as they average out how long it takes you to respond to all messages you get.



I replied almost 9 hours latter

At least you replied within the time you are supposed to. If you let a message go beyond 24 hours, it will take a toll on your response rate and can prevent you from leveling up.

Answer ALL messages, even the spam ones!


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My average response time was increase 4 hrs.

That’s still better than your response rate going down.

Not to mention it’s rude and unprofessional to ignore a question. If you don’t know the answer or can’t help, just say so.

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not replying the message will lower your average response time

Yes i can understand. :slightly_smiling_face: But it was late.