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No reply to email in 48h+?


I contacted Fiverr 2 days ago about a customer that is blackmailing me and I haven’t heard back from Fiverr ever since that?

When I sent tickets between around 1 and 5AM EST time I usually get a response within the hour(Actually had a lengthy back and forth chat with one CS all within a 20 minute span as they were actually online at the time.). If I send it during the day, I am sometimes waiting many days for a response. My guess is because the support message gets buried during the day, where-as during the time I send it there isn’t as huge of a volume of messages being sent out. In general, all you can do is wait.


That seems fairly typical these days. I’ve been waiting 5 days for a reply.

And I have tickets that are weeks and a month old with no resolve.

Well i had the same issue until i sent a tweet to @fiverr with my support ticket numbers and got a reply in less than 20 minutes, then @fiverrsupport sorted our my tickets in just 10 minutes :slight_smile:

You should try that

Hmm. This is odd. I sent them a ticket yesterday and I received a response within the hour. Maybe it depends on the nature of the topic. Something like this they may have to do some investigating, which requires a longer delayed response period.