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No reply to messages about jobs


I have contacted 5 video editors about a job and if it is good, many more after it. They all say send message first, so I do and to date only one has replied back saying he can not do it. Is this normal behavior to not even reply and what is a long enough waiting time to be contacted? Is 2 days and not contact considered normal? If anyone knows anyone interested in some/a lot of editing jobs (video) please have them contact me. Thanks.


You may actually be putting sellers off by promising “many more”. As a general rule, that’s just a trick buyers use to get a deal or quick turnaround, never to be seen again.

As far as how long to wait, sellers have an average response time listed on their profile page. If you contact a buyer who’s time says 2 hours and you don’t hear from them for two days, move on and cross them off your list. Check the response times before you contact other sellers and if it’s longer than you want to wait, don’t bother.

Also keep in mind that sellers usually respond to actual orders more quickly than they do to messages, so the “response time” is just an estimate.


Yea but they all said contact first before placing order to discuss cost. I would think they would at least say no thank you or something.


Reply to @chirosg: They should, it’s professional and just plain polite. But again, Fiverr is loaded with desperate and/or shady sellers. Many aren’t willing to invest communication time unless they’re confident it will result in a sale (or if they know they can’t ‘bluff’ the work) and sometimes they’re just too busy fetching & stepping for placed orders.

Fiverr truly is an inconsistent platform. There are times I don’t get notifications for 48 hours, sometimes not at all. And all it takes is for a shift in the Fiverr search results (nothing sellers can control) and all of a sudden a rush of orders or none at all.

It can be very frustrating as a buyer or seller, but it’s just the nature of the beast. Try not to let it make you crazy. Using Fiverr as a buyer is like a sweat equity exchange - if you don’t want to or can’t pay for the best, you have to put in a load of labor to compensate. Time or money? :slight_smile: