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No reply to potential gig?

Hi all I am a customer and I contacted 5 FIVE sellers for quotes on a gig I wanted an intro video for my YouTube channel not even 1 replied? Why is this I didn’t just buy a gig because obviously this isn’t a $5. project but NOT ONE replied turns me off to this site? Elaborate as to what I did wrong please?

Hi, you did nothing wrong, just that some sellers are too busy or worst - don`t even care to respond you in a normal time frame. Wait some more time and contact few other sellers too to get the right one that can help you.

Hi. I have a gig with intro videos. If you want something different just send me a message first.

Reply to @razvan1: Thanks Razvan1 I looked at your offering they are too trendy for me I need something more conservative. Do you have anything like this?

Hi, I also have gig with intro videos, check them out maybe a can help you.