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No request for data entry

I am new seller on fiverr platform.I am a virtual assistant.
I have not received any request and order from one week.

There are currently 9,053 gigs for Virtual Assistants on Fiverr. Currently 7636 of them are new sellers. What are you doing to make your gigs eye-catching to buyers? :thinking:

Also, you do data entry, there are 28,237 gigs for that service. :scream:


I will do working as virtual assistant, I have 2 years experience

Your title isn’t great. It contains grammar errors and it’s wordy.

If I were browsing VA gigs, I wouldn’t even click on yours because of your title.

Maybe go for something like:

  • I will work as a virtual assistant
  • I will be your experienced virtual assistant

You could beef up that first title with an adjective or adverb.


Seriously, to copy a title from the forum will not help him much if he doesn’t know English. Maybe he gets more clicks on the gig and if someone else also makes him a description, he might even get orders. But what will happen when an American decides he is his virtual assistant and realizes from the first message that he can’t speak the language? :slight_smile:


Thank you sir for your information.

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Thank you sir for your advice.

Check the tags you used for your gigs. Is it right for the niche you chose. Check the tags others used.

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You know what is interesting about your data? That there are 9k Gigs in that category and more than HALF (7k) are NEW sellers! To me, that shows that people likely make new Gigs in that category thinking it is the pathway to riches, when, in fact, only a small percentage of those sellers get orders.



I couldn’t agree more with you. Imagine the annoyance of trying to explain to someone who does not speak your language and know the nuances of your language what you want done? That is a sure fire way to crash and burn your Gigs here!

Nothing against those who do not speak English or know our nuances - I couldn’t do it in another language either - but, this guy has a great point. You can dress the Gig up to appear as though you are fluent in English or understanding the language - but, once a discourse takes place, it will become evident you have no idea. Think of how frustrating it is when you call a customer service call center that is located in a country outside your own and they have to read off a computer screen because they cannot effectively converse with you! It is NOT fun!



Try searching YouTube for terms like ‘make money fiverr no skill’

It would explain why so many people post that they’ve been here a week and not made any money yet. There are lots of people, no doubt making a lot of money through YouTube/affiliate links promising people things that simply aren’t true.


Oh I bet! I figured some of the “new” sellers who pop in the forums to either ask for help plzzzzz; ask you to help them get orders; ask why they aren’t getting any orders after only being here less than a week or those who create Gigs in categories that are over saturated and may not really have high demand - probably have visited those YouTube videos or someone’s blog extolling the virtues of overnight riches to be made here.

The 9k in virtual assistant or data entry vs new sellers - more than HALF are new - makes me think of a revolving door type of job. I bet a lot of those who made Gigs in those categories have abandoned them because they never made a dime.

Isn’t the virtual assistant category one that gets a lot of abusive buyers who like to try to rip people off anyways?