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No request for voice over with Asian accent

Hi, I have this thought on my mind for a very long time, and it is concerning my voice over gig.
To clarify, I am from Malaysia, and I do offer English and Chinese voice over gig. Here is the link to my gig:
The thing is I do have Asian accent due to the place I live. Malaysia is known for people with bilingual ability, and English is part of the most used languages in the country. The problem is I hardly find any voice over gigs that do request neutral accent or Asian accent. The requests I mostly got are for “native American”, “British”, “Australian”, etc. I know Fiverr is the global marketplace, but I wonder why there isn’t such request for Asian accents then?
Maybe being native English speaker do make the pronunciation sounds professional. I just wonder are there any possible buyers who do prefer Neutral English or Asian accents then?
P.S. I do have one buyer that like my Asian accent and gave me five stars for my offer, and I am grateful for him. But this is the only offer I have who comes for Asian accent so far.


I do assume nobody really wants to comment on my post somehow…mmm.