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No request found on buyer request tab


Hi team, I’m asking why i have never found at least one buyer request on buyer requests tab?
Is these requests are rarely or something is wrong?
Thanks guy2


Share your gigs on social media … You will get buyer request … And Share not once .Share it daily …About 10+ times daily …

Best of luck.


Sharing your gig links on social media 10 TIMES daily is probably going to annoy the heck out of your prospective buyers and would probably make them run away. Just saying…

@walidhks This post will help you out:

Buyer Requests - Leadership Suggestions on Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ's, Times, Issues Etc.)


Yes you are right …But here she is talking about buyer request not buyer. If she create a new account for his fiverr profile and share it daily on multiple social media website she will get enough buyer request on fiverr .:grinning:


Buyer requests are request that are created by buyers when they have a project in mind and are looking for sellers to work with them on the project. Buyers post a buyer request when they don’t already have a seller in mind to work on their project.

So, how does it even make sense for you to see more BRs if you advertise on social media? It doesn’t make sense to me.

Advertising on social media would have no influence on the number of buyer requests you see as buyer requests are created by buyers when they don’t know whom to work with.

If a buyer sees your gig advertisement, it is possible that they might contact you in your inbox. I don’t think a buyer would go and create a buyer request after seeing your gig advertisement. :rofl:

I am Not Seeing any Buyer Request

Again you are not understanding what I am saying. I know that what you are telling that is right.If she promote on social media then she will get directly message from buyer in inbox .But she is talking about the buyer request …And If she share(not advertise) then she will get buyer requests(buyer also) But here buyer request is important . And it is not true that fiverr will show you those buyer request who came through the promoted gigs .And I am telling that from my experience and it works for me .And She will not post on same social media platform … I have told that she have to share on multiple social media account …Suppose If she share on twitter daily 1-2 post then I do not see any problem on that . I have just given the hint haven’t told How to do that .Now she needs to find out .Because fiverr is system and if she understand that how it works then she will not face this type of problem .And I think every system follow a rules and fiverr also follow rules on all section like as gig ranking, buyer request and all things.