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No requests found. after I have being demoted


HI there

After to be demoted the buyers request search… always indicated ZERO… no jobs for me anymore?? just because the fiverr crew consider that I do a bad job? I have 5 star and excellent feedback from my clients

Do any one have this problem??


Experiencing same problem here too…what is up? Seems like someone got drunk while on the keyboard at Fiverr Headquarter!


I really do not know… I just made this post in Forum… because Fiverr Support answer in 48 hrs… this just crazy… but probably your theory is correct :slight_smile:


That mean, we are lock out, God know for how long… Someone need to wake the drunk dude up :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


But it is common here to lock out the buyers request to the sellers?? that crazy… it implies discrimination…


After Demotion may be you go to new seller level .and for new seller Buyer request come for a very short time in a day .


thanks for your answer, but after a day I just see max 3 buyers request it means , Fiverr discriminates by level.


I was demoted today… ans something else is happening… when I go to Buyer request… I just see one max 3 post there…

What´s going on??? What Do I have to do??


Your seller level may be attached to the number of buyer requests you can see. This is likely on purpose, as Fiverr has – in many places on their site – encouraged sellers to get out into the world, market their gigs, and bring in their own customers.

Fiverr is not here to make you successful. It is not their job to make sure that you have orders. YOU need to take responsibility for your success, and learn how to be a freelancer.


I already explained the likely reason. If you don’t want to accept my explanation, that’s up to you.

Very well. I tried to help. If you prefer to insult me for offering a possible answer, you can figure out these things on your own. Good luck.


This sums up well. Though this reduction doesn’t affect much on my gig as customers tend to search for me.
Honestly I don’t see any difference being level 1 or level 2. My business is still the same if not growing.
As I see, there will be future changes in level systems so be patient and focus on expanding the business.

This is the truth, I don’t see anything offensive. I’ve just got to know Jon yesterday when he replied to my message. Just focus on the information he provided and you will see he response with goodwill. Maybe you are not familiar with the way he expresses ideas but it’s nothing but good information. So, facts matter, loosen yourself a bit and let other things slide.



Now thing escalates to personal judgement? I don’t think it is a good idea when you link someone’s statement with his personal business.

Also, I categorize what I read as “what is useful” and “what is not useful”, not “what I like” and “what I don’t like”. Is he wise? Is there something wrong with the way he speaks? As long as it doesn’t offend me, I don’t care, I only focus on the facts and information in his statement.

Now this is really offensive in every way. Aren’t we discussing about the requests problem here?
When I first joined fiverr I bid desperately to get orders. Now I’m doing fine without bidding. And I’m about to share some of my experience dealing with request issues - though it may be a waste of your time so I’ll keep it for myself or someone else who are interested.


bingo…finally you understand


Rude! :roll_eyes: