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No requests found in Buyer Requests


I noticed when I click Buyer Requests section. I am not seeing the Buyers Request option. It is saying “NOT FOUND” Can someone tell what is happening? No requests found in Buyer Requests In My Profile.

You can check out my gig and let me know if ok

Thanks in advance.


This sounds weird. I have never heard or seen such. Try to contact support or try using a different browser.


I already Contact fiver support team Couple of Time. But they did not find any solution for me


Since Fiverr Support can say that, I don’t think there is anything anybody in the forum can do. But have you tried it on different devices and browsers and maybe the fiverr app as well.


Thanks For Your reply


You Welcome. :+1::+1:


same problem. how solve?


I just provided some insight to another person with the same questions. Perhaps my answer to them will be of use to you as well:

You are ranked as a “New Seller”. As I understand it, new sellers have extremely limited access to Buyer Requests. I imagine this is Fiverr’s way of encouraging New Sellers to focus on marketing and promoting their gigs, instead of expecting Fiverr to provide free sales.

I am also of the opinion that, by limiting the buyer requests that New Sellers see, Fiverr is helping to remove BR spam (since New Sellers – the actual new sellers – are usually the ones spamming BR to begin with). :wink:

Once you earn Level 1 again, you should see plenty of Buyer Requests that you can respond to.


Thanks :slight_smile:


i have the same problem i check the page every 5 mins but i can’t find any buyer requests please your advice