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No requests found

No request on buyer request.
Is it just happening to me?


I am facing the same situation.

I am too…

in my case sometimes it shows 100+ after refreshing the page it shows no request found…don’t know where is the problem

i have been having same issue for about 4days now, the buyers request page keeps showing no request for
what could be the cause and how can it be resolved?

Dear Mini:

The cause could be that no Buyers in that category are posting requests.

It could be resolved if Buyer in that category post requests.

You could also try creating gigs in categories in which more Buyers post requests, so that you may respond to those requests.

Good luck,

In buyer request page, I have No request found problem, and i choose all subcategory, but the problem doesn’t solved.
Thank you

i have the same problem…

same problem here. how solve?

same issue, any way to solve this issue ?