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No Requirement Submitted Orders (LATE Case Study)


One week ago a buyer purchased GIG and did not submit Requirements
so Its today Showing Late and One More thing that the % of My delivery on time dropped by 1% even I have delivered my all orders on time

From This Experience, we can surely say that if buyer does not submit requirements then it should not say LATE and affect the rate of On Time Delivered
I think Maybe its bug in Fiverr


This isn’t really a case study. But let me explain to you what happened here in THIS particular situation.

ALWAYS, set a “Required” option in your Gig where the buyer HAS to upload some sort of data or file.

This helps in preventing the timer to start AUTOMATICALLY, once an order has been placed.
If the buyer fails to upload your REQUIRED info/item after placing an order, then you wouldn’t have to worry about the timer running out on you.

Secondly, DO USE the “Nudge Buyer” button. I see that you DID use it, but I hope you have used it sooner than later in this particular order.
Because you can create a ticket with Customer Support and they will see that you indeed “NUDGED” the buyer and due to his/her unresponsiveness this delivery ran late. So you would be in the clear of any fault.

Hope I was able to shed some :bulb: light into this.



ALWAYS, set a “Required” option in your Gig where the buyer HAS to upload some sort of data or file.

Its Already required and set
but still got late and its dropped my 1% of on time delivery


It got late, means the TIMER was activated.

So are you telling me the Buyer DID submit information for the timer to start?:thinking:


Sir buyer did not submit any information and the gig has compulsory option to submit information


Still its showing LATE and I am also not lying so issue is with fiverr END


No, I was NOT saying you were lying. I am simply trying to understand what is going on.

Did you have your REQUIREMENTS setup like below?


Sir I am again and again telling GIG Requirements Answer is mandatory
if it was not mandatory then why there was NUDGE option ? take some common sense sir


NUDGE only comes when user do not submit
else it won’t come for all orders who has no requirements submission


Because YOU said, your buyer DID NOT submit any information.
If you DID have “Mandatory Answer” checked for requirements, there shouldn’t be any way the COUNTDOWN time start without information.

Hey, I was just trying to help you, but now you are being rude.

So good luck!


THANKS for Helping Sir but you can see the exact screenshot its NUDGE and LATE Sir
I am sorry , my behaviour is like this , I am not being rude
again I apologize


I think the time Started without the buyer uploading , make sure its on required so that even if the buyer doesn’t fill in the requirements , you are still safe .The order should stay as incomplete with a note that you are waiting for buyer to upload requirements.


I would start laughing but I won’t. This will most definitely affect your account. Why did you wait for the timer to hit zero?


I am just amazed people even do not know if buyer do not submit information (that is mandatory on the gig) after delivery time passed it shows late


Jameshed DJ was right in his question, TIMER starts only after the REQUIREMENT submission… I am wondering why COUNTDOWN started?


The order went in LATE without Requirements Submitted , and I have sent Screenshot


I think some people are misunderstanding you here.

I’ve dealt with a glitchy countdown timer myself. (Basically, the countdown begins or continues when it shouldn’t.) This bug never happened the way it did for you, but still.

This one time, I sent a cancellation request because the buyer was unresponsive which should pause the countdown. Well, it didn’t and the next day, the clock said “LATE.” My order completion rate dropped 1% (even though I’ve been completing all orders on time since I started working on fiverr years ago) and I contacted fiverr support about it. They said there was nothing they could do about the percentage drop, but that it was in fact a glitch and shouldn’t have much of an impact on my account. Luckily, this glitch only happened twice.

Next time a buyer is being unresponsive, simply send them a cancellation request and contact fiverr support about it.


You nudged back on December 22. What’s the message under your nudge? Sometimes the chat falls out of order.


You should click on nudge buyer !!
and your buyer got the notification and your buyer filled
if still they are not filled the notification so you should cancel the order


I am just AMAZED
Here many people try to be leader in the name of community leadership, they tell or explain the thing that they have not faced
I am telling again and again that the user has not submitted requirement and the requirements are mandatory. But besides this, its showing LATE
but all people went crazy and gave their useless opinion and Misleading people here