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No response form 7 days (No order)

Dear Fiverr expert,
I was complete 6 orders with a 5-star review (7day ago). But from the last 7 days, I do not get any message from the buyer. Alredy my 3 Gig ranked on 1st page. In the last 7 days, I send 60 buyer requests also.
Please advise me, What can I do?


Use more impressive word to the buyer


We can do nothing here. Just you have to be patience. If you get that 7 sells from buyer requests, that’s perfect. You are not getting orders through your gig ranked on the first page. Pricing can be a major fact here. Try to use the Fiverr analytic tool and find the avg price for your targeted keyword. I guess it’ll help you.


That thing is not going to help here. If you are looking for an order from buyer request, just try to solve their problems in the first line of your offer, after that provide a demo work. The offer will be yours.


Thank you so much for your kind helpful information. I already maintain best price for my gigs.

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Be patient and stay online.


Congratulation for your success


Thank you, I am already sting online 12hour +

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it’s not success. Very pain-full bro

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Since you stated in your gigs you are expert in seo , google rankings and so on, it wouldnt be a problem. But as i see you are just a person who pretends to be profesional. Thats the sad part of it.

Thank you so much.
If you never mind, Do you tell me, what I need to change specifically?
(I am very happy to know my problem, I want to solve it)
Please help me by specify exceed problem.