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No response from buyer after placing an order


A client placed an order with me, but there is no response from his side regarding the project. I am clueless on what to do.

What should I do?


Reply to @bachas85: Correct me if i am wrong.

There is no way to CANCEL a project either in OLD site or in NEW site or even by contacting Customer Support and and still escape from NO PENALTY

Either its mutual cancellation or force of any kind of cancellation, it still count NEGATIVE toward sellers account. IN shape of LEVEL LOST/LOWER RATING.

So eventually these types of orders with no response from BUYER will still count as CANCELED ORDER against seller.


Reply to @bachas85: Hi bachas85, thanks for your comment.

He placed the order with me just yesterday, and I still have 2 days left to deliver the project. What should I do ?




use resolution center to can cell the gig