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No response from buyer days after delivery

Hello guys!
Please I need a little help here. I’m still new but just completed my 4th order, this is the second time I’m working with this particular buyer. It’s been two days since I delivered the order but he’s not been online nor accepted the delivery. What is going to happen?


Hello Johnny, the order will be auto-completed in 3 days - unless they decide to ask for revision before the auto-complete.

Oh okay that’s great! Thanks a lot

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Please remember that some buyers don’t want to enter into a relationship!

Although it’s nice to receive formal feedback, or to get a message saying “great job” - buyers are under no obligation to do this. Some do. Some don’t.

As a seller, all you have to do is to complete work to the standard promised in the gig description. As @ignareint has correctly stated, orders auto-complete after 3 days. Your buyer has 10 days from completion of the order to leave feedback should they choose.

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Oh great information thank you. Yeah this is the second time I’m working with this buyer and it’s just a bit strange as we already have a relationship however, His profile reads “Away” I know we all have our lives away from Fiverr and I get it. It’s great to know orders auto complete after 3 days though. That was my main concern