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No response from buyer for necessary requirements!

Hello there; Experienced Sellers!

I had a new order after a while after getting promoted to lvl 1 past month. So for the order, I needed the essentials like wp access. but after accepting the order the buyer had an unwanted issue for essentials he told me to wait until weekends for that. he was my second buyer when I first started So I agreed. As a seller, I completed the order on my server and sent him a pdf describing what did I do regards his requirements. So he came online for a while and he approved said me to wait until weekends and then transfer the whole thing…
So till now, he has no response after the weekend In this situation should I deliver a backup what did I do on my server, and then when he comes back transfer the work?

If you don’t have enough information for work, clearly explain to the buyer, what exactly do you need, and ask to extend the delivery time.

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Yes the buyer know what I need as he is a top buyer he knows the requirements quite well…
Cause I have worked with him before.
But for some reason he didn’t came online for like 4 days…
today is delivery date!