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No response from buyer. Need help

Recently I am experiencing a difficult situation. In my 12th order in Fiverr platform, a customer placed an order to me without messaging me first though I have explained in my gig description to message me first before placing an order.

Anyways my package offers 5 design concepts for book cover and I am supposed to deliver one that the buyer will choose.

As per gig package, the buyer asked for 5 concepts and I also made 5 concepts according to the buyer’s given details. But it has been more than 24 hours the buyer came online but no response from him. I also need to make Audio Book Cover and paperback using the design he chooses. But my delivery time is running out.

I am just keeping my patience and hoping to get his decision and if not, a cancellation may put my gig into a disaster.


dont worry, since he do not responding, when the buyer will come online you can say him to extent the delivery time that much you need.

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Go the Resolution Center on the order and extend the delivery time. The buyer will have to accept that, but, put in as the reason - you need an OK on what you have done before you can move forward with the Gig.

As for:

This is not how Fiverr is set up. Even though sellers here can put on their profiles and within their Gigs to contact them FIRST before ordering, most buyers ignore that and order anyways - and, they have every right to, because, Fiverr is set up to have buyers come, find what they want, order and get what they need.



I understand that. And that is why I put only the services that I can really provide if the buyer does not contact me first. But the fact is even after the buyer comes online, he still did not reply yet about his chosen concept and I think sending several reminders to him might make him feel disturbed as well.

Even after visiting resolution center I doubt the customer will agree to that or not. :sweat_smile:

I tried to approach from my side and if the buyer does not response that might also have a bad effect on this order and that will also harm my account as a new seller.