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No response from client for 6 months now


I am in a very strange situation. A client purchased a gig 6 months ago with instructions and I started to work on it as per the request and completed 90% of it. Suddenly, the client changed his mind and instructed me to stop the work as he had new ideas to do the project and asked me to wait for some time with new instruction in a day. But that 1 day turned into months. I tried to contact him and requested to extend the delivery timeline. He was not online for the last 6 months and my extension requests were expired. The job is showing as very late.

So what should I do? Should I cancel it or deliver? I am afraid to deliver as may be he comes online randomly and complain about it as incomplete. I am wondering if the lateness of the job affecting my profile statistics as it is there as a late for 6 months now.

Please suggest. Thanks.

Oh myyyyyy. How did you let this come this point??? :astonished: :scream:

Please, never again do something like this!!! :cry:

Contact CS and ask them to cancel the order for you, explaining why you’re asking for their help.

Here’s the link for you to place a ticket


In addition to what @maitasun said, don’t deliver! Delivering an incomplete order is a Terms of Service violation, you’ll just harm your account if you do it.


Can I cancel it myself by the resolution centre? Or it’s must to contact CS or doing so give me the benefit for cancellation rate? @maitasun @catwriter

If you cancel it through the Resolution Center, it will count against you. If CS cancels it for you and you ask them that it doesn’t count against you, since it’s really not your fault that the buyer disappeared for 6 months, there’s a chance that your cancellation rate won’t be affected (there’s no guarantee, but having a chance is better than not having it).


Thanks a lot for the advice. Will do it.


Good luck! :slight_smile:


You shouldn’t have stopped. You should have gone ahead and delivered the job he paid for regardless of what he said about stopping.

Sellers cannot simply take orders like a robot. They have to think for themselves and do the job that was paid for in the order.

If you let the buyer give you mindless orders all the time you will get in trouble sometimes, as you have done this time.

Letting an order be six months late, waiting to hear from the buyer, is not ok. You had a deadline to deliver the order. Why didn’t you?
In this case the buyer can’t tell you to wait.


@catwriter @maitasun @misscrystal CS canceled the order without affecting the order completion rate after analyzing the whole situation. And I got a very positive resolution. Thanks for your suggestions.


@rupa16, I’m so glad to hear this !!! :smiley: :heart:


Thanks a lot :grinning:


Erasing original comment as it was related to other user comment that was deleted.


I think you were lucky that CS did that for you.

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Yes, I agree with you.