No Response from Customer support


I’m not able to withdraw money from Paypal.I had submitted a request on 20th Wednesday,till now there is no response from fiverr customer support.The request status is still open and no body has assigned it.

How long will it take for you to handle my request???


First off, the forum is not the best place to get support since we’re all only users here. No one from Fiverr or customer support around.

Second, it might take some time as they are usually very busy. Always check that the Paypal account info is set up correctly, that your money has actually cleared, and that you’ve made no changes to your paypal connection to Fiverr in the last 24 hours.

Do you get any specific errors when trying to withdraw money?


i’m getting the message to contact fiverr customer support.I contacted them and no response.I thought here if post atleast they will read and will provide quick resolution :frowning:


this is the message i’m getting To enable withdrawals in this account, please contact our support here. Thanks.


This means you have to contact Customer Support to get it done. It could be because the account was flagged for some reason, or it was used before. Could be many reasons, but they basically want to know it’s legit before allowing withdrawals.


yes,i’m waiting.


This site has thousands of accounts. Thousands of support tickets thousands of problems to individually address.

If they’re able to answer within a week it’s a marvel.

My last ticket only took 4 days to get through. They’ll get there. :slight_smile: