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No response from customer support!

I asked unnow1290 for custom artwork and provided him a sample. He took my sample, touched it up in Paint and sent it back to me. I promptly rejected the order and against my better judgment, asked for a revision. He never replied, nor revised the artwork. I asked him for my money back, that was ignored. I asked fiverr customer support to cancel the order 3 times with no response!!

When did you reach out to support? It can take several days for them to reply. I am sure you will hear from them soon.

Can anyone tell me how to get in touch with customer support. I have submitted three tickets over five days asking that they withdraw my funds from the shopping cart to my bank. I am about to turn them over to Better Business Bureau if I don’t get a response.

It is indeed taking a lot of time to get tickets responded lately. 5 days for my ticket so far, though there was a weekend in the way, so technically 3 days.

They seem to have a heavy amount of tickets, so it’s best to NOT make multiple tickets on the same issue, or it will take even longer and longer.

I wonder if they are recruiting more customer support personnel. :slight_smile: Would be an interesting job opportunity if you don’t need to be physically available.

Reply to @dbooth0204:
wait because they will responde to you. If you send multiple tickets that will not make it any faster

Reply to @dbooth0204: What do you mean “withdraw from your shopping cart”?

Do you mean you are a seller and you did a job for someone and want to get paid?

Or that you bought a gig, it got canceled and now you have “credits” in our Fiverr account and want that back in your bank?

Reply to @dbooth0204: As per the TOS, which you agreed to when you made an account on Fiverr, you can only use refunded money to purchase gigs on Fiverr. It’s more like receiving store credit than getting a refund.

Also, when you submit ticket after ticket, you slow down the entire support process. Submit one ticket and wait for a response.