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No response from Fiverr customer support

Unable to withdraw the balance in Fiverr account, Fiverr customer support is not replying. Can anyone help.

I have same issue they may “swissbank” Policey.

On another forum, this OP gives a long, sad sob story:

"We have more than $55 in our fiverr account, but are unable to withdraw the money to our Indian bank account, because one or more powerful persons in the Indian internet industry wants to falsely claim that the account belongs to his young slim lazy girlfriend fragglesrock , who is actually not doing anything. So this powerful person is abusing his powers and blocking withdrawals to the account of the real Fiverr account holder, and insisting on scanned copies that could be misused… Ebay India has already been conned by the cheater fragglesrock and her gang of liars and cybercriminals, and now this ruthless cruel gang wants to target our Fiverr account also, so that their lazy fraud friend fragglesrock is able to steal lucrative assignments and powers from the real account holder because she has a gang of cybercriminals backing her. The real account holder is facing so much persecution that she cannot even receive phone calls, smses, emails, mails, a sad story of the human rights abuses and atrocities on experienced webmasters in india today."

And on ANOTHER forum, she makes the same complaint as on this one, but goes on to accuse another Fiverr seller, who I won’t name because I don’t know if he’s come across her accusation and responded, and he also posts frequently on the forums, of actually being the bad guy or his crony, and is being paid (according to her) to make snarky responses to her posts.

Crazy stuff.

celticmoon it appears an online stalker deployed by the brutal frauds who are looting an innocent hardworking single woman business owner

You mean I have absolutely NO WAY to recover the money I paid to fiverr for a gig that did not work out?!? Man am I truly pissed now.

Well, you should have read the ToS when you signed up :/. There are probably plenty of other gigs which will serve your needs well anyway. You can always purchase from them.

Reply to @webconcepts: Are you saying I’m your online stalker, now? Wow. So where do I get paid to stalk, or how do I go about looting an innocent hardworking single woman business owner? Anyway, I thought you said Joe was your stalker.

Well, if this is a pissing contest, I’m an innocent hardworking single mother and single woman business owner with two mortgages AND I’m disabled because I got smashed in a car accident when a driver fell asleep behind the wheel. But I don’t whine about it, or tell crazy stories.