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No response from fiverr for a month

Hi Guys

So i’m having a really hard time handling this but here is my story.

On February 18, my fiverr account was shutdown due to violation of the TOS.

I had contacted support to know why and when i opened my ticket, i immediately got an automated email response saying my ticket was going to be handled.

2-3 days later, i got a response from customer support.They said My account had been disabled and asked me to contact them after a safety period of 90 days.

More than 90 days later (May 24th), i contacted support to remind them that the safety period had elapsed and waited 4 days but didn’t get a response.

I then realized i did not even get the automated message that says My ticket was going to be handled, so on the 5th day (Counting from the day i sent the first email), i sent another email which was in fact a reminder that i had sent a first email and did not get an automated message, neither did i get a reply.

So out of doubt, i sent a follow up email on the 5th day. (May 29th). This time not a direct email. But rather, I sent a reply email in the same ticket that said “Contact us after 90 days”.

I still didn’t get an automated message saying my ticket was under review but then i waited an extra 8 days and still didn’t get any response from them.

So at this point i knew there must be a bigger problem. I then tried to log into the zendesk customer support link that was provided to me when i was asked to create a separate account for CS issues.

I filled in my details, clicked send and they said they had emailed me a link to sign in to access my CS account.

Guys, up to his date. I haven’t received any email from whoever is to log me into my CS account.

I tried to get them to resend the link to me. Each time they said it had been sent, i checked my email…Nothing had been sent.

So on June 7th (8 days after the previous email was sent, I tried contacting CS again) I sent a reply email in the same thread still.

This is the 15th, 8 days later and i still haven’t gotten a single word from CS.

I can’t sign into my customer support account, CS won’t respond to any of my emails and i really need to withdraw the funds in my disabled account.

I tried to get advice from the forum but then i realized i can’t sign in with that account so i went ahead and created a new account to get this to you.

I really need your advice on this. If there is anyone who has had the same issue before, please let me know how you solved it.

I’ve created a new seller account with the purpose of contacting fiverr and letting them know i have been trying so hard to get to them, but it looks like they aren’t even getting my emails.

Maybe that way they can give it a thought.

Your advise will be greatly appreciated.


Sorry, can’t help you with this, but I was wondering, if you created this account only to post on the forum and to try to communicate with CS, why did you fill out your Fiverr profile as if you were an active seller?

You have already violated the rules by creating another account without permission from CS, and with your profile description, it looks like you have created this account to sell your services, not just communicate.

It could look suspicious to CS, and they could delete your new account, too.

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I was going to say same thing. If he had chances of getting back old account by doing this he will get both accounts removed.

Its never allowed to make new account. If you do you have to ask the CS and only after the permission you are good to go.

Thanks for your reply.

How then can i contact them without a seller account? I thought that maybe creating this will give me access to the Seller customer service page.

Is there any alternative to this?


@catwriter @naikoosuhaib

You could have directly emailed them. Then if like you asked them permission it would be like safe!

We said like what Fiverr does and rules are strict so that is why we put this thing up

Fiverr does use social media too, so you could try to contact them that way if tickets are being ignored. But never have more than 1 account if hoping to get the first one restored.

Via email.

You haven’t told me: why filling out your profile as if you intend to use it to sell your services?

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