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No response from fiverr team

i have placed an order with a seller. he failed to deliver and he himself said could not process order he is busy and will be out of office for a month. i asked fivver to cancel the order through resolution center.
so far not even a single reply. now order crossed the dead line and it shows now very late.
still i cannot cancel the order myself. it asks me to contact resolution center i created one more ticket.
seller is not responding and cancel the order it is delayed too. so far no reply !
i tweeted this complaint , they responded one of our agent will respond with in some time it has been a day none responded yet.
fiverr is trust worthy any more ?
meanwhile i hired another developer for my project. i confirmed him but not paid yet. waiting for the refund. i has been 3 days he is also waiting to start the work . after payment only anyone will start the work. in this 5 years this is worst experience for me in fivver. i plan to switch some other platform.
any other face same problem? even after dead line crosses buyer cannot cancel the order !
wow right !?

Support seems to be replying slower than usual since Covid.

However, if you and the seller both agree on cancelling the order, you don’t need support. You send a cancellation request, and the seller can accept it, or if they don’t react within 2 days, the order should be automatically cancelled, and you’ll get automatically refunded to your Fiverr balance, so you can use the funds for the new order.’s,seller%20to%20cancel%20this%20order.