No response from Payoneer


I applied for fiverr revenue card. But I am not getting any response. It has been like 8 days. Are there any payoneer CS in this forum ?


Better to contact Payoneer CS. They have live chat support.


Yes, They have live chat plus it takes 15 to 20days and sometime card get lost on the way then you have to ask for another.
They also have 4days delivery system which cost you extra but you will get your card for sure.


@sherkhanshani You applied for DHL Service or normal delivery card?


I used normal delivery and it deliver on time.


Check out your email address. You would get response from Payoneer once you apply for Fiverr Revenue Card and then at the time of activation. If you are still facing any issue then contact CS. Payoneer CS is very cooperative.


I did so many mistakes and they usually block your card so no one take advantage and when problem is solve then they unblocked it
ATM Swallow my card
I forgot my pin
ATM didn’t withdraw money but my account did


Ohhh…Try to use your card in a proper way. If you forget PIN then It would be better to contact them and ask for new key instead of trying different patterns again and again.


Go to Payoneer forum and tell about this. Forum admins might help you and they’ll ccontact payoneer admins as well. Or right ask payoneer customer help somewhere.


Actually, payoneer customer help answers take too long often. So go to payoneer forum.


Do you try to call them? if not best way to start live chat you can solved your problem instantly


You are absolutely right.@sherkhanshani