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No response from seller Need help


Anyone ever purchase from He has great samples of work but doesn’t respond to any communication, even after I purchased a gig. He is a large seller. My project is now past due.


I’m not looking to cancel because I need the project and he does amazing work. I tried customer service and they were of no help. I’ve now resorted to emailing him through fiverr everyday. I was hoping that somebody knows him who may be able to help find out what happen. Very odd with someone who is ranked so high suddenly gone quite.



Sometimes sellers or buyers just drop out for a bit. Illness, school, computer crashes, life. If his work is that amazing and you have to have it, just tickle him every 3 or 4 days, and eventually he’ll surface. Be polite, be professional and be patient.

And I have to ask, is there any reason why he could be avoiding you?

Good luck! :slight_smile:


If it’s just recent that he’s disappeared, I would also say be patient and just message him every couple of days or so. I’ve been ill the past two weeks with a chest infection, so my deliveries have been lower than usual as I try to battle the drowsiness and constant coughing fits.

Emergencies do happen. I remember MrsPanda going into labour early and having to quickly message her buyers from the hospital as she tried to work it out with them, knowing that she’d be late. Some people have that chance but I’ve had the internet cut out on me due to storms in the area for a few days and had no connection at all.

Keep an eye on his profile and check his recent deliveries. When you see them going up, you know he’s active.