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No Response From Seller or Support

I have used Fiverr for awhile and generally I am satisfied. I fully understand the limitations of what you will get for $5 dollars so when I needed a logo modified with some custom artwork I actually searched and submitted 15 orders to 15 different sellers. Most didn’t get it (probably a language issue), other got it but provided sub-standard work. I would thank them for their time, tip them, and moved on. Two I really like, but one drop a $100 bomb on me after the work was completed for license, the other never delivered final work. The other seller (shida214) really had talent, but I think she exploited a bug in the system. “shida214” would ignore you until the time runs out, give you a real rough asking that you work with her, then after you pay her, you never hear from her again. Since she was late the system mark it as rejected and even though she created additional work in the order, you can’t close it or review it and do ANYTHING to solve the issue. $37 gone and tech support has also completely ignored me. BUYER BEWARE! I will not be using Fiverr again anytime soon…

But couldn’t you request a cancelation?