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No Response from the Buyer

I have completed and delivered my third order. However, the buyer has not given any review. I just want to find out how long it takes for them to provide feedback, if at all. It is essential to improve your work quality. Thank you.


Thanks for important updates

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Buyers don’t always leave feedback for whatever reason and you never hear from them again. Just leave it be. If you contact buyers about feedback then you can receive a warning as it can be seen as feedback manipulation. You can just assume they are happy with the work.


While feedback might be essential to you, it might not be essential to your buyer.

Fiverr always automatically reminds buyers to leave feedback. So if you a buyer doesn’t review you, you can be assured that they don’t want to - rather than they don’t know they can or that they have forgotten. Just leave it. Do not contact your buyer.


keep it as usual and don’t look for feedback if the buyer wishes to review he might but there is nothing to tell him as he might not bother which you requesting for so keep focusing on your performance. Anyway, best of luck and wish you to become successful on this platform.

Remember not to mention ‘review’ to the customers, not allowed. Only 65% of my work have been given reviews. Fiverr does prompt them to send a review. They also prompt buyers to give a tip. Not everyone likes this, sometimes they think it is from the seller himself. What buyers must realize, is that tips are not compulsory. This feature may scare Buyers from giving reviews, if they are misinformed.