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No response in 4 days for an crucial support request

Is anyone else getting ignored by Fiverr support? One of the gigs I purchased turned out to be a major fraud, and no one is responding to my support request. It’s been 4 days and the seller keeps denying my request to cancel the order. What should I be doing?

Just wait. This does not sound like a time sensitive issue. If it was in fact fraud you will get your funds back.

You should also at least try listening to what the seller has to say and his reasons for denying your request to cancel the order. Unless he is a completely new seller I find it highly unlikely that what he does is fraud, try to look at it from his perspective.

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You’re not getting ignored, their response time is long at the moment and can take up to 10 days. Since you’re a buyer and should have a priority in queue, I would expect you to get a reply within the next couple of days.

Don’t worry, you will get a refund with 100% certainty, if fraud took place. Just wait for a reply from the CS, they will get to your ticket eventually. Avoid creating more tickets, as it would set you back in queue.


you need to wait few days for this covid 19, try to patience

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